SPOT Rescue Alert: SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger Initiates Rescue for Off-Road Desert Motorcycle Accident


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Despite cellular service and navigational devices, SPOT was needed to initiate life flight for critically injured rider

March 3, 2009 – SPOT LLC today announced that the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger™ successfully notified emergency rescue authorities of a severely injured off-road motorcyclist in California’s Mojave Desert. The man’s condition became critical and despite cell phone service, friends at his side could not communicate their remote location to local authorities.

In January, David Cheney and friends had set off to enjoy a 100 mile motorcycle ride through the desert outside of Barstow, California. Thirty miles into the ride a fellow rider, and experienced desert racer, took a bad fall hitting his head. Some of the party rode on while others stayed behind to help.


A group of four wheelers happened on the scene, including two Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) According to those present at the scene, the condition of the injured rider worsened as he went into shock and became disoriented. It was then that Mr. Cheney pressed the 9-1-1 button on his SPOT device. professionals.

The SPOT Satellite Messenger sends the user’s GPS location over a reliable satellite network to others from virtually anywhere around the world regardless of cellular coverage. SPOT enables users to Check-in with family and friends, allow others to Track the user’s GPS coordinates and progress on Google Maps™ or in a real emergency, notify the GEOS rescue coordination center of the user’s location.

“Unlike traditional cellular phones and other GPS devices, SPOT can repeatedly provide an emergency response call center and others with a SPOT user’s GPS location coordinates independent of cellular networks,” said Darren Bassel, director of marketing for SPOT LLC. “Most importantly, a telephone call may be useless if the user is unfamiliar with his or her location and can’t effectively communicate to rescuers where he or she is. SPOT eliminates the need for familiarity with the location by providing the emergency call center or others with the GPS information needed to quickly and effectively locate the user.”

One of the riders in the party reported that he placed a local 9-1-1 call from a cell phone although cellular coverage was limited. The rider stated that the call center couldn’t determine the location of the riders and suggested sending the local fire department to try to locate the group.

“My friend’s condition was deteriorating quickly and despite having cellular coverage and a GPS navigation device, the Fire Department couldn’t find us based on the latitude and longitude coordinates that we provided via our cell phone,” said David Cheney, “The SPOT device ended up saving my friend’s life by notifying the right authorities of our location in the ‘Golden Hour’. Even if you’re able to use a phone and get through to a 9-1-1 call center, it may be difficult to communicate your location, especially in a remote area where there are few landmarks. The team at the GEOS rescue coordination center signals knew exactly where we were and immediately notified the San Bernardino CHP, dispatching a helicopter which landed at our location within 30 minutes.”

Mr. Cheney’s friend was airlifted to a Hospital in Palmdale, California and was treated for life threatening injuries including head trauma, internal bleeding from his liver and spleen, a ruptured kidney and a broken hand.

“As an avid off-road motorcyclist who is entrenched in the off-road racing community, I have experienced near life threatening accidents, one which almost cost a rider his life because help couldn’t get there fast enough,” comments Cheney. “I purchased my SPOT Satellite Messenger from, an off-road motorcycle member community, to help make sure this didn’t happen again. SPOT is great for tracking other riders and knowing they’re safe. However, it really proved its worth by helping save my friend’s life.”

After a couple of weeks in the hospital, the injured man was released and is still recovering.

Since its inception in December 2007, the SPOT Satellite Messenger has helped initiate more than 130 rescues many which have resulted in lives saved, and has transmitted more than 6 million “peace-of-mind” and “track me” messages world-wide.


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